The event “33pt – Contributions to Typography” took place at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Department of Design, on Thursday, January 19th, and Friday, January 20th, 2006.

This inaugural typography forum in Dortmund attracted international guests of high repute. These guests were invited to express their views thematically through modified song lyrics, such as “Love me tender, love my type” (by Elvis Presley).

They all shared a passionate dedication to letters and the craft of working with typography. Famous song lyrics served as a guiding motif, setting the thematic tone for the event.



Impressions from 19.01.2006

Impressions from 01/20/2006

33pt – Contributions to Typography

The aim was to create an event on typography that went beyond a traditional lecture format. The emphasis was on communication, interaction, and a deep appreciation for letterforms.

Dirk Uhlenbrock shared insights from his personal experiences and showcased some of his font sketches, passionately discussing his love or disdain for specific typefaces. Matthias Heße and Silvia Fink from Theater Dortmund captivated the audience with a reading of Anton Schnack’s letter game, while the coffee chat between Mr. Hemker and Ms. Gerlach created a cozy atmosphere for discussions about typography. Peter Bruhn, accompanied by his wife Lotta Bruhn from Malmö, provided a comprehensive overview of their work at the Fountain type foundry. Filip Blazek from Prague contributed a specially produced film titled “Fonts like violence, break the silence” under the label 33pt, expressing his perspective on the subject. Peter Bilak mesmerized the audience with poetic and captivating short films and photographs. Underware and Typeradio invited MC Louthmouth as a special guest, who ended the presentation with a live rap performance, chanting the slogan “Fight for your right to type” along with the audience.

The diverse range of expertise showcased by these contributors highlighted the extensive and fascinating utility of typography. The event also offered a well-curated program, including a complimentary organic buffet that provided delicious and nourishing sustenance for recharging depleted energy. The venue, the university’s auditorium, was consistently packed, and the audience remained focused and engaged throughout.

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Daniel Göttling, Jasmin Wagner, Nicole Klapperstück, Andrea Eichardt, Gesa Meyer, Daniel Treufeld, and Stefan Claudius, Essen, who is fully integrated as an external member. His office is called Cape Arcona. Our poster campaign was supervised by Prof. Sabine an Huef. Photos: Martin Scherag, Frauke Schumann, Wiebke Fischer, Andrea Eichardt, Daniel Treufeld


The realization of our event was only possible with the help of a few energetic cooperation partners.

FB Design Max-Ophüls-Platz 2 44139 Dortmund Fruchtbare Erde, Saarlandstr. 112 und Stockumer Str. 412, Dortmund Silverettes, Dortmund Giants, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, Mainz, Creare – Material für Künstler, Centcar, Autovermietung, RuhGebiet, Hostel, Dortmund, Maggi Kochstudio (Zen Garten), Frankfurt, Boesner – Material für Künstler, Witten, Warsteiner, Bier Bitburger, Bier Cape Arcona Type Foundry, Essen

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