The “Elektronische Nacht” (Electronic Night) is a captivating planetarium show developed through a collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and the Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It premiered on November 27, 2007.

This show embodies the ever-expanding nature of our reality through scientific and technological advancements. By utilizing electronic-digital techniques, the previously invisible aspects surrounding us become visible, audible, and thus, experiential. However, these diverse realms of imagery often remain segregated within scientific contexts.

Jean-Michel Jarre, a renowned master of electronic music, has embraced some of these fascinating realms and merged them with his music to create an immersive experience. Albums like “Metamorphoses,” “Sessions 2000,” and “Geometry of Love” feature experimental, multifaceted soundscapes. This music serves as a vehicle for a journey through the night into hidden worlds of imagery.

The ZEISS-Großplanetarium Berlin, the largest planetarium in Germany, provides the ideal stage for this extraordinary fusion of visuals, stars, lasers, and music, forming a multimedia choreography. It pays homage to the Berlin night, the concept of travel, and the concealed elements within the everyday.

The “Elektronische Nacht” incorporates scientific imaging devices specifically designed for the show. Everyday objects are transformed into subjects of visual experiments, such as magnifying vinyl record grooves thousands of times, examining honeydew melons in an MRI scanner, capturing thermal images of ironing, or simulating the universe with computer graphics. This emphasizes that even everyday life holds an intriguing cosmos within it.

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FH-Dortmund, FB Design Produktionsteam

Produktionsleitung, Showkonzept, Dramaturgie, Animation, Video- und Grafikdesign, Programmierung, Ausstellungskonzept

Prof. Cindy Gates

Regie, Showkonzept, Computeranimation und Videodesign, Allskygrafik, Contentmanagement, Programmierung

Gastdozent Dipl.-Des. Rocco Helmchen

Sounddesign, Videodesign, Plakatgestaltung, Grafikdesign

Marc Benthaus


Stefanie Gartmann

Fotografie, Videodesign, Plakatgestaltung, Grafikdesign, Ausstellungsdesign

Jonathan Pielmaver

Fotografie, Videodesign, Ausstellungsdesign, Textbearbeitung

Magdalen Hamel

Fotografie, Videodesign, Ausstellungsdesign

Martin Scherag

Entwicklung des Erscheinungsbildes, Plakatgestaltung, Ausstellungsdesign, Werbemitteldesign, Webseite

Daniel Treufeld


Support Konzeptionelle Betreuung von Plakatgestaltung, Fundraising, Werbekampagne

Gastdozent Christoph Bebermeier, Büro Weiss

Animationskonzept und Animationsdesign, Flash

David Krause

Zeiss-Grossplanetarium Berlin, Produktionsteam

Kommissarischer Planetariumsleiter, Produktionsleitung und Programmierung

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Friedger Lachmann


Frank-Michael Arndt


Nico Wünsche


Ole Haesner


Timor John


Nico Bestanpouri

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