“À VUE” is a fictional outdoor brand that aims to establish itself in the market. The brand utilizes a modern hieroglyphic script to showcase its fashion collection, with the goal of enabling language-independent and internationally comprehensible communication.

The thesis project experimentally explores the cognitive perception of symbols and the fusion of images and text. Traditional writing is largely omitted in favor of symbols. The design includes elements such as a logo, business papers, an extensive collection of icons, two self-created sets of fashion garments, and a fashion catalog.

The brand’s website is www.a-vue.de. The poster design for “Mountain Climbing” received recognition at the “100 Best Posters 2009” and was featured in a book.

“À VUE” aims to provide a unique visual experience and overcome language barriers in order to successfully present its fashion collection on an international scale.

Corporate Branding Stationery

The “À Vue” corporate stationery impresses with its high quality and aesthetic design. From letterheads to business cards and envelopes, these elements embody the professional charm and distinctive brand identity of the company. Additionally, icons are utilized for communication.


The posters feature a mountaineer or climbing motif on the front side, and on the back side, there is an icon-based communication representing the offerings. The icons are also visible on the front side through backlighting.

Self-sewn fashion collection

The two clothing sets, consisting of a jacket, hoodie, pants, and T-shirt, were specifically designed for the diploma theme and developed in close collaboration with a fashion designer who also handled the realization of the pieces. We consistently used organic cotton as the material, which we personally dyed.

The T-shirts, jackets, and pants were created by Anne-K. Schmidt.

The fabric EtaProof was generously sponsored by Stotz-Fabrics.


The catalog primarily relies on the use of icons and “icon sets” as the main means of communication. Through these visual symbols, information is conveyed intuitively and content is structured. This deliberate reduction to icons creates an appealing and easily understandable presentation of products and services in the catalog, facilitating effective and straightforward navigation.


The website also leverages the use of icons to elegantly showcase the products and their key features.

Icon Book

The book, which contains all the icons, features a stitched binding technique on the spine.

Corporate Design Manual

The Corporate Design Manual provides comprehensive guidelines for maintaining a cohesive and visually harmonious brand identity.

Thank you!

“À VUE – Mountain Wear” Diploma Project Summer Semester 2009 (March – July 2009) © Daniel Treufeld

Supervision: Prof. Xuyen Dam and Stefan Claudius

Fashion – Concept/Design: Anne-K. Schmidt, Daniel Treufeld

Fashion – Realization: Anne-K. Schmidt

Product Photography: Martin Scherag

Outdoor Photography: Mark Ansorg

Website Programming and Script Modification: Daniel Treufeld

With kind support from: Stotz-Fabrics Zurich, who provided me with the organic cotton fabric “Eta-Proof” for the two jackets.

Siebdruck Kost GmbH Holzwickede www.kost-siebdruck.de

Koffler + Kurz Medien Management GmbH Dortmund www.kkmedien.de

Tewes Bookbinding Master Craftsman Business Dortmund www.buchbinderei-tewes.de

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences Department of Design

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